Specialists in Mobile Mining Equipment

Emulsion Storage


XBulk emulsion tankers provide on-site storage, suitable for filling mixing units. With sizes ranging up to 200 tons the units are fitted with a fully self-contained rear skid mounted diesel compressor that provides power to fill both the tanker itself, and also the mixing units. The unit has self-supporting landing legs, and can be one compartment or optioned to multi-compartment to suit the product, mining environment and industry regulations.

  1. Silo
    Manufactured to suit Dangerous Goods and welded to relative Australian Standards, the silo is manufactured from high grade steel with a self-supporting all welded integral frame structure to provide strength and minimise product hang ups. Integrated top of Vehicle Access negates the need for remote cranes and working at heights. All ladders and walkways are fitted to current Australian Standards and allow inspection of hatches and power plant maintenance.
  2. Chassis
    XBulk tankers are designed to be easily moved un-laden either within or between mine sites. Units are fitted with heavy duty road air suspension, 2” king pins, ADR lighting, brakes and fittings as required. Multiple landing legs provide support when loaded and can also be fitted with load cells for weight management (optional).
  3. Discharge, Pumps and Compressor
    All units are fitted with stainless steel pipework, flanges, valves, cam locks and fittings. The industry known Wildren pneumatic pumps offer a versatile solution to fill and delivery systems. Discharge can either be LH or RH side or both.
  4. Controls and Safety
    XBulk silos incorporate a range of safety features including e-stops, face washing station, hand wash water barrel and fire extinguishers. Pump controls and switch gear (IP65 compliant) are fitted into stainless steel enclosures to minimise the impacts of weather, dust and wildlife. The control system and processors come with a high level fill sensor(s).
  5. Finish
    All silos are sandblasted to Class 3 requirements, and painted in three epoxy coatings to provide a long life span. Customised colour painting and livery together with specific decal requirements are provide with an XBulk silo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
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